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Episode #211


Air date 09/16/10 | CC
Host: Gene Edwards
Guest(s): Rheta Grimsley Johnson, Ralph Eubanks, Louis E. Bourgeois

“Maybe you have something to say.” That’s the wisdom a friend offered Rheta Grimsley Johnson as she published her second memoir. Ralph Eubanks notes that personal experience is a way to draw a reader into a topic, and Louis E. Bourgeois wrote a fictional protagonist “to get some distance from the experiences.” “I think the definition of art is honesty,” notes Johnson. “If you’re going to do it at all, you need to do it as honestly as you can.”




“Writing is a tough business, and you have to be like a Baptist preacher. You have to be called,” laughs memoirist Rheta Grimsley Johnson as she joins W. Ralph Eubanks and Louis E. Bourgeois at the Writers’ roundtable “You have to really want to do this.” Together, they discuss their writing lives as well as memories of childhood and family, of love and loss, and of dark times and light.

Johnson, an award winning columnist, studied journalism in college and worked for various newspapers. In 1982 when she was the Greenville correspondent for the Memphis Commercial Appeal,“the editorial page editor invited the lowliest of the low, the bureaureporters” to submit sample columns. “I just went back to my office and churned out about four and handed them in. And one ran.” She has been writing columns ever since.

Writing for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, she headed to Cajun country to cover a story. Here she began her love affair with southern Louisiana which led to her memoir Poor Man’s Provence. She reminisces again in Enchanted Evening Barbie and the Second Coming, which chronicles her life from growing up Southern Baptist to her memorable journalism career to the unexpected death of her husband.

W. Ralph Eubanks’ first memoir, Ever is a Long Time, began as a narrative history of the Sovereignty Commission, but after finding his parents’ names in their extensive files, it became a personal story. Host Gene Edwards clarifies, “The Sovereignty Commission was a civil rights era organization that was started to keep an eye on activists.” By a 1998 court order, these secret files were made public. “There were the names there and then I had to find out exactly how did they end up there,” he remembers. “There is another story behind it.”

While Ever is a Long Time traces Eubanks’ Mississippi childhood during the turbulent Civil Right Era, Eubanks’ second memoir,The House at The End of The Road, tells the story of his maternal grandparents’ integrated marriage. “I went into this thinking I was going to learn a great deal about my grandparents,” he says, “and I learned how little race had come to mean to me in my life.”

“This is a tale from a working class child,” says Louis E. Bourgeois of The Gar Diaries, and his memoir is a haunting look at his life in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. “I’m a product of that environment,” Bourgeois adds, “and that’s what I’m trying to understand in this book. Who am I inrelation to this environment?” He named the protagonist Lucas, but explains, “Lucas is just a way for me to get some distance from the experiences so they don’t overwhelm me. I am Lucas.”

As for writing personal stories, Eubanks observes, “I think so often in thinking about memoirs as a form that’s very self centered, very much a naval gazing exercise. There is that aspect, but at the same time you’re also trying to reach a reader like any other writer.”

And like other authors, writing is also one of life’s necessities. For Bourgeois, “Reading is something I’ve always done, but for me writing was something that I had to do. There was nothing else I had a desire to do.” Johnson’s experience was similar. Writing after her husband’s death, “I went into some zone I had never been in writing-wise.” She says, “If I was awake, I was writing.”

“Don’t wait too long” is Johnson’s advice. “If you have a story tell it now.” Eubanks adds that “people should know whatever their story is, and write it down whatever way they can so it doesn’t get lost.” “Write your story,” Bourgeois agrees. Then he adds, “You need to do it because it is important.”


W. Ralph Eubanks

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Rheta Grimsley Johnson

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Louis E. Bourgeois

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  • Hosanna: Affirmations and Blasphemies, Xenos Books, 2010.

Rheta Grimsley Johnson

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W. Ralph Eubanks

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Rheta Grimsley Johnson

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Louis E. Bourgeois

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W. Ralph Eubanks

Rheta Grimsley Johnson

Louis E. Bourgeois


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