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Writers is a television series from Mississippi Public Broadcasting in the format of an intimate, roundtable discussion on the author’s craft. In each episode, three authors of a specific genre join host Gene Edwards to talk about their work and experience.

Writers prominently feature southern authors, but the show also has a mix of “Writers” from around the country. They have discussed a wide variety of genres from short stories to mysteries to food writing. Elmore Leonard, Edward P. Jones, Ellen Douglas, William Gay, Barry Hannah and Michael Connelly are just a few of the guests who have been on Writers. Plus, Writers takes some in-depth looks at some of the great “Writers” this region has produced. The first episode of Writers was a profile of Eudora Welty which went on to win the show’s first of three Emmys.

This season of Writers was created in partnershp with the William Battle and Saramel Repsher Crooks Foundation. The Crooks family wanted to honor of their father and mother with a program that expressed their love of the creative spirit, in particular with the written word.

Writers is distributed nationwide to public television stations through National Educational Telecommunications, a part of PBS.

  • Air date 7/21/12
    Episode #105
    Authors meet in downtown Jackson to discuss what’s funny and why.
  • Air date 7/1/12
    Episode #103
    An in-depth discussion on the craft of writing the contemporary novel.
  • Air date 7/24/12
    Episode #102
    Short Story Writers is a master class in the short story, and has as guests some of the best authors working today.
  • Air date 6/17/12
    Episode #101
    The Writers round table features an hour of memories and anecdotes about Eudora Welty by friends.
  • Air date 10/21/10 | CC
    Episode #213
    Writing for teens is enjoying a golden age.
  • Air date 08/26/10 | CC
    Episode #212
    Writers use their craft to cope with devastation.
  • Air date 09/16/10 | CC
    Episode #211
    Three memoirists discuss the life stories that inspired them.
  • Air date 04/08/10
    Episode #210
    Elmore Leonard, Michael Connelly and George Pelecanos swap insights about writing crime fiction.
  • Air date 09/21/10
    Episode #209
    Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Susan Spicer, and Jessica B. Harris share the experiences of their culinary careers.