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Sucarnochee Revue

Join award-winning singer/songwriter Jacky Jack White as he hosts the Sucarnochee Revue (pronounced: ‘Sook-uh-notch-eee’), a nationally syndicated radio show and thirty-minute television program featuring the colorful and uplifting music of the Black Belt Region of Mississippi and Alabama. The show is taped in front of a live audience at the historic Temple Theatre in downtown Meridian and at Bibb Graves Auditorium on the campus of the University of West Alabama in Livingston.  It airs on MPB Think Radio Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. and Thursdays on MPB TV at 7:00 p.m.

Sucarnochee Revue features artists from the Country, Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, Rock ‘n Roll, Blues, and Gospel genres including Track 45, Billy Ray Reynolds, Mississippi Chris Sharp, Britt Gully, The Reagan Firestorm, True Vine Fellowship Singers, J. Burton Fuller, Tricia Walker, and Bill Ellison and Temperance Babcock.  Thirteen new episodes begin airing on September 22, with insightful interviews and behind the scenes footage; plus all the wonderful music from some amazing musicians.

  • Air date 03/29/12
    Episode #126
    The amazing voice of Patrice Moncell bakced by the legendary House Rockers Band is featured.
  • Air date 03/22/12
    Episode #125
    Mississippi Chris Sharp and the Jang-a-Lang String Band feature their original song "Things".
  • Air date 02/23/12
    Episode #124
    The siblings of Track 45 harmonize on “Daniel Prayed” and “The Storm Is Passing Over”.
  • Air date 02/16/12
    Episode #123
    Britt Gully and the Water Moccasins rip through “Alabama Honeysuckle Girl” and “Ride Me Down Easy”.
  • Air date 02/09/12
    Episode #122
    Greg “Fingers” Taylor blows a mean harp on his rendition of “Judgment Day”.
  • Air date 02/02/12
    Episode #121
    George Cummings, founding member of Dr. Hook and the young and talented Jessica Strenth are featured in this program.
  • Air date 11/10/11
    Episode #120
    The talented Britt Gully features his original song “Don’t Act Sweet”.
  • Air date 11/3/11
    Episode #119
    Host Jacky Jack White croons the hits “Welcome To My World” and “Make The World Go Away”.
  • Air date 10/27/11
    Episode #118
    Original music is performed by Mississippi Chris Sharp and the Jang-a-Lang String Band

Jacky Jack White is the host of Sucarnochee Revue. The Revue is on radio stations in ten states, and overseas. Jack resides in Livingston, Alabama. He is married to the former Jody Tartt, a native of Livingston. Their children are Kate, Mary Mac, and Henry.

Jacky has had songs on the charts as a singer/songwriter since 1985. Some of the artists who have recorded his songs are: Ray Stevens, Charley Pride, Buddy Jewell, Steve Wariner, Neal McCoy and Mark Lowery. Over one hundred of his songs have been recorded.

Jack received an ASCAP (American Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers) Award for "If I Didn't Love You", and a NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Assoc.,Inc.) Award for the #1 Southern Gospel song, "When Men Pray." In 2005, Jack was featured on the Grammy-nominated CD, “Clouds.”

He has produced CD's including artists such as J. Burton Fuller and the Carter Sisters, plus CD’s featuring artists from the Sucarnochee Revue on Silverwolf Records, and his own label, Sucarnochee Records. Numbered among these various titles are “The Sucarnochee Revue Presents Jacky Jack White”; “The Sucarnochee Revue Presents Music for the New South: Volumes I, II, and III”; “On a Sumter County Porch”; and “South City Records presents Jacky Jack White, Live!!!”  Jacky Jack White is also showcased as an artist and writer on “Diamond Cuts Vol. Eleven”. His “Hungry for Records” release includes baseball songs written and performed by Art Garfunkel, George Bensen, Bing Crosby, and others.

In March 2009, the Sucarnochee Revue radio program was awarded a citation from the Country Music Association for “Outstanding work and promotion of Grassroots Music across the world”. In April 2009, Jack was awarded the Fellowship in Music Grant from the Alabama State Council for the Arts.       

In the Fall of 2010, the Sheldon Reynolds movie, “A Modern Fable” featured “Another Wave Rollin’ In” written by Jack and Perry Sanders,Jr.


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