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Episode #10

Sports Injuries

Air date 08/29/13
Host: Dr. Rick deShazo and Dr. Allyn Bond

This episode of Southern Remedy explores the complicated nature of sports today.  Dr. Rick and his team talk with athletes, physicians and sports pundits about the long-term effects of sports injuries and the steps parents can take to prevent them. From the on-field perspective of Ole Miss Quarterback Bo Wallace to the operating table of renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

Featured in this episode: 

Dr. James Andrews–Dr. Andrews is an authority on sports injuries and has treated athletes such as Charles Barkley, Eli Manning and Drew Brees. On “Southern Remedy” he discusses the reasons he believes so many children are injured each year and provides some suggestions for protecting their developing bone structures. His STOP program is designed to keep kids healthy, active – and out of the operating room. 

Visit "Stop Sports Injuries" for more information on Dr. Andrews' program.

 Dr. Susan Buttross– Dr. Buttross is Chief of the Division of Child Development and Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and host of MPB Think Radio’s weekly call-in show, “Relatively Speaking.” She and Dr. Rick discuss the pressure put on kids to excel in sports and how it affects them.

 Camille Dumas, multi-sport athlete at Mississippi State University– Dumas is junior in college, but her body has been through more than a 75-year-old’s. From multiple broken bones to pulled muscles, Dumas’ body has been pushed to the limit. Recently, she had back surgery to repair her L5 & L6 vertebra as a result of years of stress.

 Dr. Lawrence Haber– Dr. Haber is a pediatric orthopedist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The “Southern Remedy” team talks with him about the types of injuries he sees and how to repair & prevent them.

 Dr. Bill Mustain– Dr. Mustain is an audiologist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He talks with Dr. Rick about concussions and how parents, coaches and kids can recognize the signs.

 Scott Steele– Steele is a local radio host who is also a youth league baseball coach. He shares his ideas about how to keep the game fun for kids.

 Bo Wallace, Quarterback for the Ole Miss Rebels– Wallace discusses his career in the game as he recovers from shoulder surgery and looks to Thursday night’s season opener.


Below are instructional videos demonstrating the proper application of sports equipment:

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3





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