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Prescription Drug Abuse

Air date 10/31/13
Host: Dr. Rick deShazo

Join Dr. Rick and the Southern Remedy team as they examine prescription drug addiction in Mississippi. Hear personal accounts of individuals once addicted to prescriptions and learn what is being done to help them overcome their struggle.

Watch as doctors, patients and state leaders come together to shed light on these silent struggles in this gripping episode of Southern Remedy.

Featured in this episode:

Dr. Don Comfort - President, Mississippi Association of Recovering Pharmacists; Once addicted to a prescription drug, Dr. Comfort is now a practicing pharmacist.

Dr. Jerri Avery - Bureau Director, Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Services, Department of Mental Health

Dr. Scott Coffey - Professor and Vice-Chair for Research, University of Mississippi Medical Center Department of Psychiatry

Angie Butler - Recovering Addict; Now works with women in recovery services

Marshall Fisher - Executive Director, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics

Deborah Brown - Prescription Monitoring Program Manager, Mississippi Board of Pharmacy



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