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Episode #001

Mississippi's Big Problem - 1

Air date 02/23/11
Host: Dr. Rick
Guest(s): QuaShunda Edwards, Dr. Carlton Gorton, Janice Bacon, Dita McCarthy, Jim Thomas, Mike Espy, Therese Hanna, Art Cosby, Dr. Warren Jones, Allison Taylor, Rebecca Kelley, Dr. Deborah Minor

Part 1 of Mississippi's Big Problem examines the physiology of obesity, the role poverty and race play in physical health, and the government’s role in Mississippi’s obesity epidemic, from the Farm Bill to school lunches.   Dr. Rick visits a mother and daughter who are attempting to address their weight and health struggles. The 30 year-old mother weighs 340 pounds and suffers from high blood pressure. Her five-year-old daughter weighs 94 pounds and suffers from asthma and sleep apnea.



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