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Episode #05

Premature Parenthood - 5

Air date 5/18/12
Host: Dr. Rick DeShazo
Guest(s): Editor William Perks, Rabbi Marshal Klaven, Greg Patin, Angela Griffin, Reverend Keith Tonkel, Denny Hydrick, Reverend Gene Fowler

The series concludes with an episode on the role religion plays in the teen pregnancy crisis. Dr. Rick speaks with leaders from various denominations and faiths and discovers that the churches’ views on this topic are incredibly diverse. 

The church leaders Dr. Rick interviews from the Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, and Jewish faiths all agree that abstinence before marriage is best. They differ, however, in their approach to sex education if teens are not abstaining. William Perkins, Editor of the Baptist Record, explains why the Southern Baptist Church provides abstinence only education, while Rabbi Marshal Klaven, Director of Rabbinic Services with the Institute of Southern Jewish Life, advocates contraceptive education for teenagers.  

Greg Patin, Executive Director of the Jackson Diocese of Catholic Charities of Mississippi, explains the church’s position on abstinence and birth control and discusses the work Catholic Charities does to support teen mothers.

Methodist Children’s Home of Mississippialso serves teen moms by providing a place for them to live with their newborns and gain the skills they need to be good parents. 



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