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Episode #03

Premature Parenthood - 3

Air date 5/16/12
Host: Dr. Rick deShazo
Guest(s): Rosie Dunlap, Brittney Hicks, Ashley Wright

Three high school students from the Jackson area sit down and have a very frank discussion with Dr. Rick about their lives, how they got there, and whether or not they would do it all over again.

 “This episode provides insight into the worlds of three amazing young ladies living lives most of us can't even begin to imagine,” says Dr. Rick. “Sixteen, seventeen and eighteen years old - and raising a baby. Late nights, feedings, teething, fevers and all the challenges of having babies are their lives now. In addition to that, they all must navigate the difficult struggles of adolescence and high school, but without the carefree attitudes that the rest of us probably had.”



Want more information on prevention? 

  • CDC - Teen Pregnancy - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website has resources for parents and guardians, including links to studies, sucess stories, and general information. 
  • CDC - Adolescent and School Health - Mississippi - With a focus on risky behavior, this site provides information and resoruces on the high-risk behaviors currently plaguing Mississippi teenagers - obescity, STDs, and teen pregnancy, among ohers.
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