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Relatively Speaking is a safe place to discuss interpersonal issues, whether they be in the family, in a romantic relationship or regarding our role in the community. Hosted by Dr. Susan Buttross, Chief of the Division of Child Development and Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and MPB’s Kevin Farrell, Relatively Speaking gives listeners a chance to call in to ask for advice, to share personal stories and to respond to each other. Emails can be sent at anytime to Relatively Speaking airs Monday mornings at 9 on MPB Think Radio.

  • The Child Factor image
    Excerpt (53:57) | Air date 03/31/14
    We discuss if people are happier with or without children.
  • Body Art image
    Excerpt (53:55) | Air date 03/24/14
    We discuss body art. Do you have piercings or tattoos? What is the meaning behind the art you chose?
  • Facing Your Fears image
    Excerpt (53:53) | Air date 03/10/14
    Are you afraid of heights or spiders? Today's show will teach you how to face your fears.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder image
    Excerpt (53:52) | Air date 03/03/14
    Do you wash your hands over and over again? Do you have trouble throwing things away?
  • Letting Kids Be Kids image
    Excerpt (53:54) | Air date 02/24/14
    Are we rushing our children into adulthood and don’t even know it?
  • Dating  image
    Excerpt (53:53) | Air date 02/10/14
    Valentine's Day special. Questions about dating are answered.
  • A Time for Children image
    Excerpt (53:52) | Air date 02/03/14
    This morning we’ll discuss when is the better time in your life to have children.
  • The Life of a Caregiver image
    Excerpt (53:54) | Air date 01/27/14
    What is it like to care for someone who cannot care for them self?
  • Vanity image
    Excerpt (53:53) | Air date 01/13/14
    On this episode of Relatively Speaking, we discuss the topic of vanity.
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