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Now You’re Talking with Marshall Ramsey

Author, public speaker, cartoonist, cancer survivor, and occasional comedian. These are just some of the titles associated with Marshall Ramsey. Now he adds to that list “Host on MPB Think Radio.” 

You’ve probably seen his work in a newspaper near you, but now, you can put a voice to the name.  On NOW You’re Talking with Marshall Ramsey,you’ll hear commentary on the latest news, punch-lines from his latest cartoons, interviews with fellow cancer survivors he’s met along the way and compelling stories of known and unknown people, places, and things of Mississippi.


  • Community Leaders image
    Excerpt (53:14) | Air date 03/31/14
    Marshall speaks with Dr. Juanita Sims Doty and Dr. David Miller about their involvement in the community.
  • Pothole Vigilante image
    Excerpt (52:31) | Air date 03/24/14
    Marshall Ramsey speaks with a judge who's an author and someone who took to fixing Jackson's streets.
  • The Sweet Potato Queen image
    Excerpt (51:57) | Air date 03/17/14
    Marshall Ramsey speaks with the famous Jill Conner Brown
  • The Biggest Winner image
    Excerpt (51:49) | Air date 03/10/14
    Marshall Ramsey speaks with "Biggest Loser" winner, Patrick House.
  • Mississippi Civil Rights Museum image
    Excerpt (51:41) | Air date 02/24/14
    Marshall Ramsey speaks with the project manager for the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.
  • A King of Entertainment image
    Excerpt (52:04) | Air date 02/17/14
    Marshall Ramsey speaks with Lee King about his career and life in the entertainment industry.
  • Civil Rights image
    Excerpt (51:41) | Air date 02/10/14
    Marshall Ramsey speaks with a civil rights trailblazer and activist
  • Inspiring Through Music image
    Excerpt (51:48) | Air date 02/03/14
    Dr. Gary Packwood of MSU overcame numerous obstacles to share his love of music.
  • Acting and Educating image
    Excerpt (50:19) | Air date 01/27/14
    Actor, director, and educator Yohance Mylesm stops by to chat with Marshall.
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