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Episode #21106

Natchez Food and Wine Festival

Air date 10/25/12
Host: Walt Grayson

Mississippi Roads partakes of the Natchez Food & Wine Festival. The community spirit of Mississippi Lions Clubs unites an all-state marching band. An investigation into the supernatural takes place in Glenn Allen, where the hunt is on for haunting spirits, and the whimsical spirit found in Stephanie Dwyer’s bottle trees is captured.



Stephanie Dwyer captures the whimsical spirit of iron and glass through her bottle trees. After moving to Mississippi in 2006, she took up the art of manipulating iron and glass, using the creative process as a way to recover from her past. Now, she sells her art across the state and enjoys the personal connections she makes through it.

The Mississippi Lions All-State Band, sponsored by the Lions Clubs of Mississippi, is a group of 145 young musicians from every part of Mississippi. Through a rigorous two-stage audition, the best students from around the state are chosen to participate. With an opportunity for performances as far away as Hawaii, the students who make the cut are given a unique opportunity to succeed and achieve.

The Delta Paranormal Society, made up of thrill seekers and curious investigators alike, use state-of-the-art equipment to hunt for ghosts and the paranormal in some of the creepiest locations in Mississippi. They scope out locations, setting up cameras and recorders to catch potential ghostly activity, and wait for nightfall when the hunt begins.


The Natchez Food and Wine Festival walks attendees from one notable restaurant to the next, giving a tour of the food scene in their historic Mississippi town. Spread across three days, the Food and Wine Festival has become a prominent event for food lovers across the south.