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Episode #1209

South MS Renaissance Festival

Air date 04/24/14
Host: Walt Grayson

On this edition of Mississippi Roads, it's clashing weapons and clanging armor at the South Mississippi Renaissance Faire. We explore what draws the crowds, and the different activities for the entire family that make up the event. There's falconry, belly dancing, jousting, sparring, heavy games, magic, and much more - all wrapped up into one fun event.

Blacksmithing is a time-honored tradition, dating back thousands of years. We found a master blacksmith in Brandon who has acheived international fame. We take a look at his workshop, and how he's working to bring new smiths into the fold.


And while we were at the South Mississippi Renaissance Faire, we got to see some war horses up close and personal. Bigger than Clydsdales, these draft horses used to be bred for war. But now, they lead a much more peaceful life, so it was only fitting that we found a place that provides equiine therapy to people with special needs. 


Then, a husband and wife team have made a name for themselves designing Medieval weapons and armor. Darkwood Armory is known across the world for its fine armor and weapons. Plus, we learn about a special brand of martial arts designed for Medieval weapons and armor.


And finally, we raise a glass to a brewery on the coast - the Crooked Letter Brewery. It's an interesting story of how a group of friends who have known each other since they were teenagers grew throughout the years and brought an idea to fruition.