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Wednesday, 5/28

Air date 05/28/14
Segment 1:
14 Mississippians were killed one month ago in a tornado that tore through large parts of northeast portion of the state. But many in the disaster zone are still doing the basics to clean up and remove the shatter pieces of their destroyed homes. Melvin Carter talks to Jeffrey Hess about the loss of his home and how he and his wife, Sherry, will recover.
Segment 2:
Mississippians will be heading to the polls next Tuesday.  All of the state's four congressional races and one of its Senate seats are at stake in party primaries.   Over the next three days, MPB News will take an up close look at candidates in two of the races. This morning, in part one, MPB Gulf Coast reporter Evelina Burnett looks at Mississippi’s Fourth District House Race, which is shaping up to be one of the most unusual primaries in the state. Incumbent Steven Palazzo is facing off against a crowded field of rivals – including long-time former Democratic Congressman Gene Taylor. 
Segment 3:
Mississippi is now ranked 31st on a list of bike-friendly states.  That's according to the League of American Bicyclists. Two things to take notice of about that number: it's not last, not even close. And it's five spots above last year's ranking of 36.  Melody Moody is executive director of Bike/Walk Mississippi. She talks to MPB's Ezra Wall about the latest ranking.