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Monday, 8/11

Air date 8/11/14
Segment 1:
A group of Confederate-flag-bearing protesters marched through Oxford on Saturday to remind citizens of the University of Mississippi's history.  Specifically, the group opposes any changes the university announced on August fisrt. Those changes include the renaming of Confederate Drive, the addition of more in-depth historical information in front of controversial monuments and buildings, and the hiring of a Vice Chancellor to oversee diversity and inclusion.  Debbie Sidle is part of a group called the Mid-South Flaggers.  She spoke with Sandra Knispel about the group's concerns.
Segment 2: 
Meterologists with the National Weather Service are updating their forecasts to say that there is a 75 percent chance that this hurricane season will produce a below average number of storms. Earlier this year forecasters predicted the season would slow, but more than two months into the season, there has been very little storm activity in the Atlantic, leading meteorologists to lower their previous forecast. However, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Officials worry that change could make some residents complacent in preparing for storms. Robert Latham is the Executive Director of MEMA, and talks with MPB's Paul Boger.

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