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Tuesday, 8/5

Air date 08/05/14
Segment 1:
Mississippi Power will stop using coal at plants in south Mississippi and Alabama and convert them to natural gas. The company also will create a $15 million fund to promote energy efficiency in its service area.  In exchange, theSierra Club will drop regulatory challenges before the Public Service Commission and legal appeals pending in local and state courts.  The price tag for the power plant, a lignite mine and associated pipelines is expected to run to $5.2 billion overall, up from an original estimate of $2.8 billion.  The agreement was announced yesterday by the Sierra Club of Mississippi.  Joining us now with more is Sierra Club director Louie Miller.
Segment 2:
State Senator Chris McDaniel is officially contesting his June 24th Republican Senate Runoff loss to incumbent Senator Thad Cochran. This comes nearly six weeks after the election. At a press conference in Jackson yesterday, representatives of the campaign handed out binders filled with affidavits claiming campaign volunteers found more than 13-thousand examples of voting irregularities - including 35-hundred crossover votes where residents who participated in the Democratic primary also illegally voted in the Republican runoff.  McDaniel attorney Mitch Tyner talked about the official challenge.
Segment 3:
State leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties came together yesterday to talk about their organizations during this election, and their hopes for the future.  The gathering was part of the Stennis Institute's Press Luncheon in downtown Jackson.  Ricky Cole chairs the Mississippi Democratic Party. He says economic opportunity is an important part of this year's democratic platform.

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