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Wednesday, 7/16

Air date 07/16/14
Segment 1:
State Senator Chris McDaniel could file paperwork to officially contest the results of the June 24th Republican Senate Runoff later today. But as MPB's Paul Boger reports recent polling suggests that a majority of Mississippians believe Senator Thad Cochran rightfully won the election. The Mississippi Supreme Court is seeking more information about state Sen. Chris McDaniel's request for voting records in his challenge to the race.   Three justices Tuesday asked McDaniel to tell them what laws address the disclosure of voters' personal information. They're also asking Attorney General Jim Hood and Harrison County Circuit Clerk Gayle Parker to respond to McDaniel's request for voting records that include birthdates.
Segment 2:
Mississippi school superintendents are in Biloxi this week for their annual conference. Topping the agenda for this year's conference are discussions about  common core standards, training on creating common-core-aligned curriculum, and technology.  Dr. Sam Bounds is Executive Director of the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents.  He speaks with MPB's Evelina Burnett about those issues, and about education funding.
Segment 3:
This Summer we've been looking at a series of leaders in our state who are all part of the book "Mississippi Entrepreneurs" by Polly Dement. The interesting thing about this book is that the term "Entrepreneur" is not simply defined by someone's personal success or wealth.  But also by the use of Entrepreneurial skills in not-for-profit efforts.  That's the case with Bill Bynum, CEO of Hope Enterprise Corporation and the Hope Community Credit Union.  As we conclude our summer series, our Kevin Farrell talks to Bill Bynum about his start in business, and about his mission to create opportunity where it is most needed.

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