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Tuesday, 7/8

Air date 07/08/14
Segment 1:
The Mississippi Republican Party has certified Senator Thad Cochran the winner of the June 24th Republican Senate Runoff, but challenger Chris McDaniel is still moving forward with plans to contest the results of the election. 
Segment 2:
An overhaul of Mississippi's criminal justice system is now taking effect. This year Mississippi lawmakers approved House Bill 585, which is a sweeping set of changes intended to slow the ballooning cost and size of the state's prison population.  MPB's Jeffrey Hess spoke with Representative Andy Gipson, the chief sponsor of the new legislation. And, a group known for favoring more progressive corrections reforms is the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Andrew Canter is a staff attorney with the SPLC.  He tells our Jeffrey Hess Mississippi's new laws don't go as far as the SPLC would like, but they are a compromise step in the right direction.
Segment 3:
Tourism Businesses on the Mississippi coast had a busy 4th of July weekend. But as MPB’s Evelina Burnett reports, there’s still plenty of room for growth. Also, Evelina also spoke with Captain Louis Skrmetta, who runs Ship Island Excursions.  He says his company is on-pace to have their best summer since Hurricane Katrina

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