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Monday, 7/7

Air date 07/07/14

Segment 1:


The Mississippi Republican Party is expected to certify Thad Cochran the winner of the June 24th, GOP Senatorial runoff later today. But as MPB's Paul Boger reports Tea Party backed Chris McDaniel has already started the process that would allow him to legally challenge the results of the election.


Segment 2: 


Mississippi ranks last in the nation for the number of residents without a bank account.  That's nearly double the national rate for the so-called 'unbanked'. A statewide credit union is trying to change that by opening branches in some of the 369 zip codes in Mississippi that are considered banking deserts. Bill Bynum with Hope Credit Union says they are focusing on poor areas hit hard by the recession . They recently opened a branch in Terry. Also, this summer we've been featuring conversations with various Mississippi entrepreneurs.  That's in partnership with the publishers of the book "Mississippi Entrepreneurs" by Polly Dement.  Bill Bynum is featured in that book for his work with the Hope Enterprise Corporation and Hope Credit Union.


Segment 3:


Each summer, millions of Mississippi’s children rely on the federal Summer Food Service Program to provide up to two nutritious meals a day. It’s a small solution to a larger problem in Mississippi, where many of the most rural parts of the state lack access to healthy foods. Jackie Mader reports on the challenges and efforts to provide food to the state’s most vulnerable children.


In other news:

The American Heart Association wants to add a test that helps detect heart problems to the panel of mandatory screenings given to Mississippi newborns. MPB’s Evelina Burnett reports.

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