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Friday, 6/27

Air date 06/27/14
Segment 1:
It appears black voters in Mississippi played a key role in helping  Senator Thad Cochran win Tuesday's run off election. We'll have more on the changing role of African-American voters in our interview with Ben Jealous of the Center for American Progress.  Supporters of state Senator Chris McDaniel are conducting their own investigation into whether there were voting irregularities in Tuesday's Republican Runoff. As MPB's Paul Boger reports volunteers believe they have found a large number of inconsistencies in this week's election results.
Voters in Mississippi could be getting glimpse of what the electorate in the state will look like with the involvement of more black voters. Turnout in predominantly black communities increased greatly Tuesday and helped propel Republican Senator Thad Cochran to a run off win. Ben Jealous is the former head of the NAACP and author of a recent report looking at the direction of the southern electorate.  He sat down with our Jeffrey Hess to talk about how a small increase in black participation could force both parties to be more responsive.
Segment 2:
Robert St. John is a popular chef, cookbook author and philanthropist.  But he tells MPB's Ezra Wall, his first night as a chef was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. As we continue our summertime look at Mississippi Entrepreneurs, Chef Robert St. John talks about his business, his charity, and tells young entrepreneurs to follow passion, not money.
Segment 3:
Tomorrow amateur radio operators from around the country will participate in what they call Field Day.  It's one part exhibition and one part emergency communications simulation. Joining us with more on Field Day is Mike Duke - a longtime MPB employee who is also part of the Jackson Amateur Radio Club.

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