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Thursday, 6/26

Air date 06/26/14
Segment 1:
State Senator Chris McDaniel says he will take the next few days to determine whether he will challenge the results of Tuesday's Republican Senate Runoff. In a statement released late yesterday afternoon, McDaniel said Tuesday's election was quote "rife with voting irregularities." He also cited heavy turnout by Democrats voting in the GOP Primary as proof that the election results are potentially illegal. Rick Hasen is a law professor at the University of California Irvine.  He's also the legal mind behind Election Law Blog Dot Com.  Hasen tells MPB's Paul Boger what options Chris McDaniel may have left.
Segment 2:
As people commemorate the events of Freedom Summer 50 years ago, one area of access that has improved affects both patients and doctors.  Prior to the Civil Rights Act, Mississippi hospitals and clinics were strictly segregated.  That was a problem for Dr. Robert Smith.  As an African-American he couldn't be part of the State Medical Association - and so he couldn't treat his own patients unless they were admitted to an exclusively black hospital.  Dr. Smith spoke with Southern Remedy's Dr. Rick deShazo for an upcoming TV special.
Segment 3:
Linda Fondren is a personal trainer and gym owner in Vicksburg with a special interest in helping the women of the River City get fit and healthy.  Her gym is called "Shape Up Sisters," which is also the name of her new book.  In this week's Book Club, Fondren says health and fitness is a very personal cause for her.

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