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Tuesday, 6/24

Air date 06/24/14

Segment 1:


Tea Party-affiliated groups are saying they will send observers to polls today to make sure only Republicans are voting in the Republican primary.  But late yesterday, the Secretary of State and Attorney General released a statement saying unofficial observers need to stay more than 30 feet away from the polling place.


And, as voters finally cast their runoff ballots today, there is speculation about whether the Republican Party will be damaged by the negative back and forth of this Senate campaign.Former Governor Haley Barbour is widely credited with helping to bring Republicans to statewide power, sweeping all statewide offices except one when he first ran for office. But Barbour says when the dust settles, Republicans will be able to rally behind their chosen candidate - whoever that ends up being. Barbour spoke with our Jeffrey Hess.



Segment 2:


This week marks the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, and of the killing of three civil rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi.  That's where former Secretary of State Dick Molpus grew up.  He was just a boy when those murders occurred.  But as he looks back on those events, he tells us that era shaped his life - politically and personally.


Segment 3:


Mississippi mayors and council members say they’re still learning to “make do” with less as their cities continue to struggle to come out of the recession.  Shari Veazey is Executive Director of the Mississippi Municipal League.  She talked with our Evelina Burnett at this year's gathering of local leaders.  Veazey says when it comes to local government, most of the issues come down to funding.


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