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Thursday, 6/19

Air date 06/19/14

Segment 1:


Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney is urging counties and cities to adopt building codes.  Chaney says about one third of Mississippi's cities and about 20 counties have building or fire codes.  He says building codes save money, property and, most importantly, lives. Commissioner Chaney talks with MPB's Evelina Burnett.


Segment 2:


Just 56 percent of Mississippi women who enter community college are earning their degree or certificate within six years. That's according to a new survey of students by the Women's Foundation of Mississippi. Jamie Bardwell is with the Women's Foundation.  She talks with us about why it was important for this report to focus on Community Colleges, and not all higher education.


Segment 3:


Lisa Howorth is known to many as the co-owner of Square Books in Oxford, one of the Country's leading independent bookstores. She has just released her debut novel, "Flying Shoes."  While the book is a work of fiction, it has strong biographical influences. The story is woven around the real-life unsolved murder and molestation case of Howorth's then 9 year old step brother. MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke with her about the book and the murder, which occurred in Bethesda, Maryland.

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