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Wednesday, 6/18

Air date 06/18/14
Segment 1:
Tea Party leaders are making a final push to un-seat long-time US Senator Thad Cochran, and elect his opponent State Senator Chris McDaniel. At a press conference in Jackson, members of the Mississippi Tea Party announced that over the next week, volunteers from around the state would be working tirelessly to shore-up support for State Senator Chris McDaniel. Jenny Beth Martin is the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots Fund, a national conservative super PAC.
Segment 2:
Mississippi’s shrimpers are hopeful for a good haul in this year’s shrimp season, which opened today at 6-a-m. The state Department of Marine Resources opens the season when shrimp reach the legal size of 68 per pound.  Randy Lesso has been shrimping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for over 40 years.  He talks with MPB's Evelina Burnett about his hopes for this season.
Segment 3:
Mississippi doctors are warning residents to stay cool and hydrate as the state heads into the hottest months of the year. Summer officially begins this week, but temperatures could reach the mid-90's before it starts.  Tommy Turner was on his lunch-break run when our Jeffrey Hess caught up with him.  

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