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Tuesday, 6/17

Air date 06/17/14

Segment 1:


The Magnolia state ranks third in the nation for the percentage of homes that have a mortgage larger than the value of the home.  That's according to a new study by the consumer finance firm Core Logic. Findings show 1 in 5 Mississippi homes have negative equity which is known as being underwater.  Charmaine Grant of Jackson says she knows several people who are underwater on their homes.  And as her conversation with MPB's Jeffrey Hess continues, we find out the situation hits much closer to home than we originally knew.


Segment 2:


The Peavey name is said daily by musicians from concert halls to garage rehearsal spaces all over the world.  But Meridian native Hartley Peavey tells us he started his world-renowned brand because he needed some gear for a band he played with.  Peavey is part of our summer series on Mississippi Entrepreneurs.  


Segment 3:


Later today the University of Mississippi sends its baseball Rebels onto the field to avoid elimination from the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.  MPB's Jay White talks to our Ezra Wall about how the tournament format works, and where Ole Miss stands today.

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