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Monday, 6/09

Air date 06/09/14
Segment 1:
Power plants in Mississippi could be forced to cut carbon emission by nearly 40 percent under new rules being proposed by the Environment Protection Agency. The rules would require the state to decrease its carbon output from 1100 lbs. pounds per kilowatt hour to just under 700 lbs. by the year 2030.  Ken Mitchell with the EPA says  the proposal is intended to counter the effects of climate change as well as improve air quality. The environmental advocacy group, The Sierra Club is applauding the proposed change.  Jenna Garland says the changes will help combat climate change. Senator Roger Wicker opposes the newly-proposed changes.  He says they won't result in cleaner air to breathe, and therefore falls outside the purview of the EPA.  Both he and Garland spoke with MPB's Jeffrey Hess.
Want to see an interactive, state-specific map? Click HERE.
Segment 2:  Everyday Tech
Segment 3:
It comes as no surprise that obesity contributes to some of Mississippi's most common medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and more.  Two-thirds of Mississippi adults are overweight or obese.  But a growing number of children are overweight, too. That's troubling news to Dr. John Hall, director of the Center for Obesity Research at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  He tells us a child can have weight issues even before they're born.
For more information, visit the UMC's website on obesity research. 

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