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Friday, Mar. 3: Children's Health

Air date 03/02/12

How will the coming changes in Mississippi’s health care system affect your children? Wesley Prater, a senior health analyst at Georgetown University, explains how the Obama health care bill will provide coverage for more kids. In 2014, more than half of Mississippi’s children will be able to get health care through Medicaid or CHIP.

Another organization is looking out for citizens with vision problems. Dr. Joe Fontenot is certified in vision rehabilitation, and he’s looking to help others through Community Services for Visual Rehabilitation. Rhonda Miller speaks to Dr. Fontenot about the Alabama-based nonprofit has set up a new office in Gulfport.

Also, Anita Modak-Truran talks about The Lorax, Project X, and Good Deeds, and plans for a new Grammy Museum -- only the second one in the country -- in Cleveland.

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