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Tuesday, Feb. 28: Juvenile Justice

Air date 02/28/12

Advocacy groups say that they have reached a deal that would prevent minors from being held in a private prison or subjected to solitary confinement. A 2010 suit claimed that conditions at Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility were violent, abusive, and dangerous. Walnut Grove is the only privately-run juvenile detention center in the state. Sheila Bedi from the Southern Poverty Law Center weighs in, and Jeffrey Hess speaks with the father of one inmate.

Abortion has always been a contentious issue, especially in Mississippi, and the debate is heating up yet again as the legislature debates a bill that revives last year's failed "Personhood" amendment. Terri Herring from Pro-Life America argues that outside influences clouded the issues and confused voters, and the legislature should move forward with the bill.

The Mississippi Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society offers support for patients and their families as they go through treatment. Susan Mason, a lymphoma survivor, and Andi Agnew, a spokesperson from the Society, explain the services available.

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