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Wednesday, Feb. 22: Charter Schools

Air date 02/22/12

Charter schools are one of the hottest topics in the state legislature this session, and just recently, they struck out the controversial measure providing for online schools. Many people and organizations have been eager to enter into the public debate. Nancy Loome, the executive director of The Parents' Campaign, discusses how these schools could really help our state -- if they are focused in the right places.

Utilizing what we already have means less waste and lower costs. Though our state is extremely fertile, 85% of our food money leaves the state borders. Allison Buehler of the Gaining Ground Sustainability Institute of Mississippi proposes greater support for small farmers and encouraging more families to create gardens themselves. The 3rd Annual Sustainable Living Conference focuses on the concept "Saving Dollars, Making Sense."

The Mississippi Humanities Council is honoring the recipients of this year's Public Humanities Awards. Dr. Barbara Carpenter speaks with Karen Brown about this year's honorees, and one of them -- MPB's own Edie Green -- joins the conversation.

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