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Friday, Feb. 17 Teacher Evaluation

Air date 02/17/12

Find out if stricter teacher evaluations could send teachers packing. Soon, every public school might be required to evaluate their teachers in a new, more thorough way. Mississippi Board of Education has approved a pilot program that will now have to be approved by the federal government as part of No Child Left Behind. Annie Gilbertson speaks with Stacey Donaldson, a teacher evaluation committee member, and Kevin Gilbert from the Mississippi Association of Educators about Mississippi's first state-wide requirement for such evaluations. 

One school helps students find their voice. The DuBard School in Hattiesburg is run by University of Southern Mississippi to help children with language disorders. School director Maureen Martin discusses the school's mission with Karen.

Anita Modak-Truran comes in to review Reese Witherspoon's new comedy/action flick, This Means War, comic book-inspired Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance, and animated The Secret World of Arrietty

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