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Feb. 7: Execution Blocked

Air date 02/07/12

Death is delayed for one Mississippi inmate as a federal judge blocked Edwin Hart Turner's execution. Turner was convicted of killing two people during a robbery in 1995, and his lawyers are now arguing mental illness. Matt Steffey, professor at Mississippi College of Law, explains how.

Mississippi Children's Home Services is now providing opportunites for troubled youth to gain pre-vocational skills. Dr. John Damon, the organization's COO, speaks about filling this gaping hole in the state's support network.

Want to be a volunteer storm spotter? These citizens give valuable information to officials in times of crisis. Jimmie Lewis is the emergency management director for Hinds County, and he describes the merit of these volunteers and how you can get certified.

Today is the 200th anniversary of the New Madrid earthquake that struck the central United States in 1812. Some Mississippians are commemorating the event by practicing an earthquake drill, MEMA director Robert Latham explains. Find out why it's important to be prepared.

Some state health organizations are trying to ban smoking in public. Hattiesburg and Starkville already have such laws, and Mississippi is one of only seven states without a statewide ban. Dr. Michael Mansour of the state chapter of American College of Cardiology explains how this ban has saved people -- and our health care system -- millions of dollars. Also, legislator Hillman Frazier explains why he is pushing for a law ruling smoking in a car with a child as a misdemeanor.


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