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Jan. 31: Final Fugitive Found

Air date 01/31/12

Pardoned fugitive, Joseph Ozment, has been found in Wyoming with his girlfriend. He is the last to be found of those pardoned by Governor Haley Barbour at the beginning of February. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 1993 for murder, conspiracy, and armed robbery.

This marks the end of Stalking Awareness Month, and the Attorney General's Domestic Violence Division wants to educate the public on what constitutes as stalking and how to protect themselves against stalkers.

Mississippi restaurants are joining the battle against obesity -- and supporting local farmers in the process! The Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association announces its new "Eat Healthy Mississippi" campaign. Executive Director Mike Cashion explains how they will connect farmers to restaurants and encourage the creation of new, healthy recipes to help consumers make informed decisions.

Rhonda Miller explores the creation of a new drug court for veterans on the Gulf Coast. Judge Robert Krebs of the 19th Circuit discusses the creation of a greater support system veterans returning from combat overseas.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Delta have made big strides in one of the nation's poorest areas. Involving over 2000 participants, the clubs have an above-average rate for college attendance and boast a pregnancy rate of 0%. Jeremy Deming, however, speaks to the new loss of federal funding and how that will severly impact the nonprofit's efforts

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