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Jan. 30: Charter School Debate II

Air date 01/30/12

What's next for charter schools? Annie Gilbertson hosts part II of Mississippi Edition's segment on the advent of alternative education in Mississippi. As the state legislature reconsiders the current law, the panel debates who should be authorizing and monitoring these schools. Mississippi First's Rachel Canter, Southern Echo's Michael Sayer, Mississippi House of Representatives Education Committee's John Moore, and Mississippi Department of Education's Mike Kent join in on the discussion. (See broadcast from January 26, 2012 for part I of this round table discussion.)

Will YouTube replace television as we know it? Kevin Farrell and Thomas Broadus delve into the company's recent developments as they host Everyday Technology.

Thomas Hampson, one of opera's leading baritones, performed at Mississippi College last week on his "Song of America" tour. Hampson speaks with Ezra Wall about his longtime passion for American music. 

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