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Monday, July 9: Foster Care

Air date 07/09/12

Change is on the way to Mississippi's foster care system. That's according to a new settlement reached by the State and a children's advocacy organization called Children First. A Federal Judge recently found that terms of the original settlement were not being met. A revised settlement was filed with the court last week. Miriam Ingber, Senior Staff Attorney with Children's Rights joins us to talk about more changes in store for Mississippi's child welfare system. She tells MPB's Ezra Wall this case has been a long time in development.

Then, it's Everyday Technology with Kevin Farell and Ashley Jefcoat. They both discuss the new gadgets and etiquette in technology.

Also, 36 counties across Mississippi are currently under a burn ban due to very dry conditions in the state, according to the Mississippi Forestry Commission, the organization that oversees the bans. Russell Bozeman is with the Forestry Commission, and he joins us to discuss the burn ban.

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