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Tuesday, July 3: West Nile

Air date 07/03/12

The temperature isn't all that's soaring as the Mississippi summer reaches its peak. Mosquitos are also flying high, raising concerns about West Nile Virus. Dr. Paul Beyers is acting state epidemiologist. He tells MPB's Ezra Wall that West Nile is especially dangerous this time of year.

Then, Sherry Davis-Garner gives tips on building your own business career with Workplace 101.

Also, if you're looking for something fun to do this summer, why not take a trip down the Mississippi Blues Trail? There are well over a hundred markers spanning the state, some even out of state. Alex Thomas with the Mississippi Development Authority talks about one possible starting point on the trail.

After years of ridicule from fans, elected officials and others, the NCAA has finally instituted a playoff system. At least, they will in 2015. MPB's Jay White has more.

To check out places for Fireworks shows in the state, click here.

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