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Wed, July 25: MS River Level

Air date 07/25/12

Ports along the Mississippi River are taking steps to keep commercial barge traffic running, as the level of the river continues to fall. After reaching near record highs last year, the Mississippi river is headed toward near record lows this year. Robert Maxwell is director of the Port of Rosedale in Bolivar County. He tells MPB's Jeffrey Hess what barges are doing to get by.

Also, school board members from 12 southern states are in Biloxi this week tackling issues ranging from dropouts to shrinking budgets.  Ann Bryant is executive director of the National School Boards Association. She tells MPB's Rhonda Miller the issues facing southern schools are not very different from other parts of the country.

Of course the big sports story of the week is the NCAA handing out stiff sanctions against Penn State. MPB's Jay White weighs in on that issue, but reminds us that there's still sports news happening in Mississippi, too.

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