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Mon, July 23: MS Drought

Air date 07/23/12

The US Coast guard is closely watching the falling Mississippi river to determine if parts of the river should be closed to traffic. Drought conditions across much of the country are causing the river to fall toward historic lows. Commander Timothy Wendt is a Waterways Management official with the US Coast Guard. He joins MPB's Jeffrey Hess.

Then, Ashley Jefcoat discusses everyday technology with Kevin Farrell. The two discuss the Malware software and viruses on computers.

Also, there has been an absolute explosion of collectibles-related shows on cable television in recent years. But it all started years ago with PBS's Antiques Roadshow. Now the producers of Roadshow are back with their latest offering, Market Warriors. Marsha Bemko is executive producer of both programs, and compares the two in a conversatino with MPB's Ezra Wall.

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