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Friday, July 20: NCLB Waived

Air date 07/20/12

This week the US Department of Education exempted several states, including Mississippi, from certain aspects of No Child Left Behind. Our own Annie Gilbertson, a reporter with the Southern Education Desk joins us with details. For more information on that project, go to

Then, a new report is claiming Mississippi's voter ID law will make it too difficult for some voters to get the required photo ID. The report from the Brennan Center For Justice at New York University School of Law says 750 thousand Mississippians live more than ten miles from a government ID issuing office. Sundeep Iyer is with the Brennan Center. He tells MPB's Jeffey Hess why they began the study.

Also, Anita Modak-Truran is our resident film critic. She joins us again this week with two reviews.

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