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Tuesday, July 10: Soldiers' Families

Air date 07/10/12

Segment 1: Civilian spouses of combat veterans often suffer post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) equal to stress felt by soldiers returning from combat,according to new study released by Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. That can have a profound impact on Mississippi's military families as more and more veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan return home.

Segment 2: A report published in both insurance and business websites says Mississippi has the most dangerous roads in the nation. The problem is, Mississippi Highway Safety officials say the report is flawed; the researchers used old numbers. Master Sergeant Johnny Poulos with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety says they used the fatality statistics from 2007-2009, but the state has made major improvements in the past 3 years. He spoke with MPB's Daniel Cherry.

Segment 3: Recently MPB's Education Services Department held the PBS Kids Young Writers contest for Mississippi. In the last week we've remembered the lives and work of two great Mississippi writers: William Faulkner and Margaret Walker. We thought we'd take a few moments to hear from the next generation of Faulkners and Walkers.

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