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Wed., June 6: New Claims Administrator

Air date 06/06/12

Segment 1: 18 BP claims offices re-opened this week to serve thousands of Gulf Coast residents affected by the 2010 oil spill.  At the Mississippi office in D’Iberville yesterday, MPB's Rhonda Miller spoke with Patrick Juneau, who replaces Kenneth Feinberg as Claims Administrator. Juneau talks about how the claims process will be different now that a settlement is in place.

Segment 2: Mississippi has executed its fourth death row inmate of the year. MPB’s Jeffrey Hess reports the state executed Henry Curtis Jackson who was convicted of the stabbing four of his nephews and nieces to death in 1990

Segment 3: Researchers say women in Mississippi working full-time earn about 75 cents for every dollar earned by a man. It's estimated that gap adds up to about ten thousand dollars less each year for women. MPB's Daniel Cherry spoke with Jamie Bardwell of the Women's Fund of Mississippi. Bardwell outlines the disparity.

Segment 4: From the Governor's Mansion to the historic mansions of Natchez, William Garbo has designed some famous landscapes across Mississippi. The landscape architect joined us recently to reflect on his decades-long career. Garbo started by talking about how he first became a landscape architect.

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