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Tuesday, June 5: Union for Nissan?

Air date 06/5/12

Workers at the Nissan plant in Canton are discussing the possibility of organizing a labor union. Groups of workers and advocacy organizations are behind the push. Derrick Johnson, president of the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP, says fair pay is a matter of human rights. Rosalind Essex of Terry is a line worker at Nissan. She says all she wants is a fair election to decide whether to bring in the United Auto Workers Union. However, she says workers would like the opportunity to decide the issue without interference of Nissan officials. Also, Dave Reuter is Vice President of Communications for Nissan. He tells MPB's Daniel Cherry this isn't the first attempt at a union in Canton.

Then, Sharon Andrews is a mother of three students in the Oxford public school system. She and other parents have been advocating for "abstinence plus" sex education curriculum. They want the curriculum to be evidence-based, and to include information about sexually transmitted infections and contraception. Last week,  the Oxford School Board announced that they had chosen "abstinence only" curriculum, based on the recommendation of a local 10-member advisory panel. Andrews, who is an attorney, has requested information through the Freedom of Information Act about the advisory panel and how their meetings are conducted. Andrews spoke with MPB's Sandra Knispel.

Also, MPB's Sandra Knispel spoke with the man who has come under fire over the "abstinence only" decision, Brian Harvey, the schools superintendent for the Oxford School District.

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