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Friday, June 29: Health Care

Air date 06/29/12

Now that the US Supreme Court has ruled the majority of the Health Care Reform Law constitutional, what is the next step for Mississippians and state lawmakers? MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that ruling could mean access to health insurance for hundreds of thousands of Mississippians, but the poorest in the state could be left out.

Then, Matt Steffey is a law professor at the Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson, MS. He joins us for more information and analysis of the healthcare decision.

Plus, this weekend young readers from across Mississippi will descend on the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson. They'll be taking part in MPB's Summer Reading Party tomorrow from 10 AM until 2 PM. Part of the festivities will be a couple of performances by Shock, part of PBS's The Electric Company. MPB's Ezra Wall talks to Shock, who explains his particular skill...beatboxing.

Also, Independence Day celebrations are getting an early start this year. In fact, there have already been a few fireworks shows across the state. Well, our intern, LaRaven, wanted to make sure you all had a great fourth. She compiled a list of as many fireworks displays as she could find. To find the list, and see an interactive map that outlines where they are, click here.

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