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Wednesday, June 27: Blood Donations

Air date 06/27/12

Blood service organizations across Mississippi and the rest of the country say their blood supplies have reached critical levels due to low donations this year. Blood donations typically drop during summer months, says Tony Bahou of Mississippi Blood Services. He tells MPB's Daniel Cherry that the drop has come earlier this year.

Then, Mississippi schools are changing the way they look at minorities and special populations such as students with disabilities. Those changes are being proposed through a waiver the state has requested from some of the provisions of the federal No Child Left Behind law. Annie Gilbertson is MPB's Southern Education Desk Reporter, and today we hear part three of her series, “The Future for a Failing State." She reports that federal reviewers of Mississippi's waiver plans want the state to do more to help English Language Learners, a group growing quickly from the influx of Hispanic immigrants.

Plus, The Southern Baptist Convention has elected its first African-American president, Dr. Fred Luter. The same week they adopted a resolution affirming the denomination's stance against gay marriage. William Perkins of the Mississippi Baptist Convention joins us to talk about a group of churches moving beyond a racist past, but still under tough scrutiny.

Plus, today Hernando mayor Chip Johnson becomes president of the Mississippi Municipal League. Mayor Johnson spoke to MPB's Rhonda Miller at the League's annual meeting. He says many of Mississippi's mayors are intersted in tackling a big issue.

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