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Tuesday, June 26: Immigration Law

Air date 06/26/12

Segment 1: Both sides of the immigration reform debate in Mississippi claimed a win with the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Arizona's immigration law. The High Court struck three key provisions of the law, but it upheld what critics have come to call the "show me your papers" portion. Bill Chandler is executive director of the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance. He says he has mixed feelings about the ruling. Bear Atwood is with the Mississippi ACLU. She says her organization is dismayed by the decision, because it will lead to racial profiling. Also, Dr. Rodney Hunt is president of Mississippians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement. He says he's glad to see the court uphold one of the key provisions of the Arizona immigration law.

Segment 2: Teacher evaluations are controversial in many parts of the country, and the South is no exception. But in Mississippi, the evaluation system is being implemented largely without public scrutiny. Today we'll hear part two of our series, "The Future for a Failing State." Annie Gilbertson is MPB's Southern Education Desk Reporter. As she finds out, in the absence of teacher unions and legislation, Mississippi’s plan for teacher evaluation is quietly making its way to a federal desk for a signature.

Segment 3: A recent poll found daily discretionary spending among families is close to $75 dollars. With the kids home for Summer, and asking for more of your money, how can you keep spending in check? Sherry Rainey is Regional President for the credit counseling organization Credability. She had some advice on this subject for MPB's Ezra Wall.

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