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Thursday, June 21: HAM Radio

Air date 06/21/12

Segment 1: After Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi's communications systems were brought to a stand-still. On the coast they had been largely destroyed. In other parts of the state, they were so congested that they were rendered ineffective. That's where amateur radio comes in. Ham operators were able to communicate important information about damage, shelters and missing people. Mike McKay is with the Jackson Amateur Radio Club. He talks with us about what Ham radio is, and how it is there to help in emergencies.

Segment 2: Mississippi has executed the 6th death row inmate of the year. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports Gary Carl Simmons was executed by lethal injection at the state penitentiary in Parchman last night.

Segment 3: We have the Business Break with Christina Gaylor.

Segment 4: Natchez is the oldest civilized settlement anywhere on the Mississippi River. Rich with antebellum architecture, it has been a popular destination for many travelers over the years. As we Discover Mississippi this week, we talk to Sally Durkin of the Natchez Convention and Visitors Bureau. She says Natchez is even older than one of the South's most iconic cities.

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