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Wednesday, June 13: Brawner Execution

Air date 06/13/12

A Mississippi man convicted of four counts of capital murder is now dead. Jan Michael Brawner was put to death last night by lethal injection at the Mississippi Penitentiary in Parchman. MPB’s Daniel Cherry witnessed the execution.

Plus, everyday roughly 30,000 Mississippi children are eating a nutritious lunch for free under the Summer Food Services program. The program offers a free lunch to any Mississippi kid under 18 at hundreds of locations around the state.  Tasha Davis is Cafeteria Manager at Chastain Middle School in Jackson. She tells MPB's Jeffrey Hess about the program.

Also, more than six thousand acres in Mississippi and Louisiana are being designated as critical habitat to save the Mississippi Gopher Frog.  MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports the frogs are unique to the Gulf Coast.

Then, Purcell Saint Thomass is a tango instructor and coach. His dance partner, Shellie Hubbard, is a Hattiesburg Zumba instructor. They both joined us this Fitness Week to talk about the health benefits of dance-oriented activities. Saint Thomass says if you're dancing, you can't help but exercise.

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