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Friday, May 18: Two of Us

Air date 05/18/12

When a young girl becomes pregnant, it often means her world is turned upside down. There's no job, often rejection from family and friends, and school becomes an afterthought. For some Mississippi teens, hope is found within the doors of the Methodist Children's Homes. Joining us to talk about the innovative "Two of Us" program for teen moms are Melissa Clark and Tammye Reese.

Then, we have another perspective on religion and teen pregnancy. We turn to Rabbi Marshal Klaven of the Institute of Southern Jewish Life. Rabbi Klaven says there is sometimes a difference between what is preferable and what is reality.

Plus, about one in five people living with the HIV virus doesn't know it, according to federal health officials. In order to step up testing measures the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering the approval of a take-home, do-it-yourself HIV screening test. Dr. Nick Mosca is the STD/HIV Coordinator with the Mississippi State Department of Health. He tells MPB's Daniel Cherry that in spite of concerns, he's willing to listen to more input.

Also, the board game "Battleship" turns into a movie. Anita Modak-Truran gives information about the movie that premieres today and what to expect when expecting.

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