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Thurs, Oct 18: Infant Mortality

Air date 10/18/12

1 - Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate in the nation, with 9.4 deaths per thousand live births.  Experts say the solution is to educate parents about healthy pregnancies for mothers and safe sleeping conditions for infants. MPB's Daniel Cherry spoke to State Health Officer Dr. Mary Currier, who says the department of health is always looking for new solutions to Mississippi's infant mortality issue.

2 - According to a 2009 study released by The Women's Fund of Mississippi, teen pregnancy costs Mississippi 155-million dollars per year in medical costs, social services and other expenses.  Billy Redd, president of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi, says the solution is not as complicated as most people think.

3 - With several tough years leading to shut-downs of some clubs, funding is always an issue at the Boys and Girls Clubs. But Central Mississippi President Billy Redd says his clubs' 0% pregnancy rate is worth the relatively small investment.

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