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Fri, Oct. 12: Debate Analysis

Air date 10/12/12

1 - In the one and only Vice Presidential debate this election season, Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan faced off for an hour and a half last night. Mississippians were among the millions watching the debate. MPB News has team coverage from both sides, starting with MPB's Daniel Cherry.

Then, with analysis of last night's debate is Dr. Mark Wrighton, an Associate Dean and Political Science professor at the University of Southern Mississippi.

2 - For most Mississippians who filed extensions on last year's income taxes, those documents are due this coming Monday. But for 22 Mississippi counties affected by Hurricane Isaac, there's still time. Joining us to sort out all the details is Dee Harris-Stepter of the Internal Revenue Service.

3 - Anita Modak-Truran previews a big weekend at the box office.


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