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Thurs, Oct. 11: Finger Scan

Air date 10/11/12

1 - Parents and childcare providers are protesting fingerprint scanning for some families to sign their children into and out of day care. Under the plan, parents would be required to scan their fingers only if they use the federal Child Care Voucher Program which is designed to help low-income families afford child care. Delores Grey-Suel is President of the Mississippi Child Care Directors Network. She tells MPB's Daniel Cherry why the new scans concern her.

Then The Mississippi Department of Human Services is implementing the scanners and says they are strictly an attendance-taking device.  Dr. Jill Dent is Early Childhood Care and Development Director for DHS.  She tells MPB's Ezra Wall some parents are confused about whose finger prints will be scanned.

2 - Henry T. Gallagher was a 23 year old MP when he came to the University of Mississippi to lead James Meredith's protective detail. But in this week's Book Club, Gallagher says that wasn't his first trip to Mississippi. He spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall.

3 - Mississippi's kids consistently rank near the top of childhood obesity charts. In fact, nearly half of Mississippi's children are overweight or obese. To combat that trend by teaching young students about healthy eating, MPB created Ed Said. Ed Said writes raps about fruits and vegetables. Between writing and recording sessions, he travels to Mississippi schools to spread the word about healthy eating. Ed spoke with MPB's Ezra Wall, along with Donna Speed, a Registered Dietician with the Mississippi State Department of Health.

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