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Fri, Oct. 5: Breast Cancer

Air date 10/05/12

1 - Governor Phil Bryant is renewing his focus on promoting energy-related development to improve the economy in Mississippi. Bryant unveiled a new "energy roadmap" at the Mississippi Energy Summit in Jackson Thursday. The governor says the energy industry is key to providing more and better jobs to Mississippians.

2 - Bow deer hunting season officially opened this week. Joining us with the details, and to talk about the impact it has on Mississippi's economy, is Outdoors journalist Bobby Cleveland. He spoke to MPB's Ezra Wall.

3 - If you haven't noticed a pink hue in the air yet, you will soon. October is breast cancer awareness month. Joining us to talk about the diseases devastating impact is Beth Dickson of the Mississippi Chapter of the American Cancer Society. I spoke with Beth earlier this week.

4 - Anita Modak-Truran joins us with a Weekend Box Office preview.

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